Soybean meal is produced through processing and separating soybean into oil and meal components. By weight soybean meal accounts for about 35% of the weight of raw soybeans (at 13% moisture) if the soybeans are of particularly good quality, then the processor can get more meal weight by including more hulls in the meal while still.

We offer soybean meal products that range in protein from 42% to 48%. We assure an ongoing supply from time to time of soybean meal and mixes that include soybean meal meeting the highest of 48% of protein. Soybeans meal can be further processed into soy flour and insolated soy protein, but the bulk of soybean meal is used as animal feed for poultry, hogs and cattle. Soybean meal accounts for about two-thirds of the worlds high protein animal feed, its consumption has been moving to record highs in recent years.

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