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Pace International LLC is a conglomerate with diversified business interests in the field of Quality feed ingredients and Nutrition for Livestock. It consists of several companies in the business of trading, processing & distributing Seafood, Meat & Poultry products.

The company’s history reflects the evolving nature to serve constant growing business needs through a global network and long-time trade partners across four continents.

Our core business is feed ingredients, Additives & Commodities. We import from over twenty countries, with our representative offices to ensure competitive price, quality products, logistics support by professionals, to facilitate customer satisfaction in the world market.

Pace International focus on delivering added value to our trade partners and have achieved significant progress in distribution of frozen Meat, Beef, Poultry and Fish, To accomplish this we explore markets for opportunities, collaborate to develop suitable options to fulfill these needs.


Pace International LLC has successfully established significant partnerships in Argentina and Brazil, in the poultry production industry. We are able to source large volumes of these products, however we encourage ourselves only to work with direct buyers. Our partners produce chicken wings, paws, whole chicken, as well as gizzard, liver and heart. We can also offer poultry products that are Halal-certified.


Pace International LLC has a direct representation agreement with the leading fisheries and operators. Our partners have a large fleet of shrimp trawlers that operates all seasons. Our partners are seeking distribution for this high quality range. Pace International LLC is working to expand sales into Middle Eastern countries and far Eastern and other markets. We are able to offer our clients frozen in bulk or individual bags for the retail industry, depending on consumer demand.


Pace International LLC has established very important partnerships in Bazil with several leading producers of high quality beef, with significant proprietary cattle operations throughout the country. Pace International LLC can source many different prime cuts, offal’s and quartered beef cuts.


Our suppliers are trusted allies in documenting food safety and quality assurance throughout the entire food chain process from animal feeding and grow-out, to final product processing and packaging. All commodity products purchased and shipped by Pace International LLC are processed, packaged and stored to meet or exceed each country’s agricultural and food safety requirements. No matter wherever our products originate from, Pace International LLC will never compromise on the most critical aspects of food safety and quality.

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